Elmont Post 1033



Who We Are – What We Do

As members of America's largest veteran's organization, our fellow citizens already have a good idea of who we are. However, Legionnaires are often asked "What does the American Legion do?" And while it wouldn't be an exaggeration to reply "Do you have a couple of hours?" We must be concise in our answer and highlight the most important programs and activities in which we participate.

WE ARE the men and women who have honorably served in our nation’s military forces during times of war or conflict as defined by U.S. Congress. A large number of us still serve on active duty, Reserves or The National Guard. The rest of our Legionnaires continue to serve as active members of our communities.

At the national level we are guided by the pillars of our organization and they are Americanism, National Security, Children and Youth, Veterans Affairs / Rehabilitation, and Community service. While the goals of these programs are self explanatory I will mention the programs in which we are most active here at Post 1033.

WE DO the following: Our Americanism endeavors concentrate mainly on organizing our yearly Memorial Day and Veterans Day Parades as well as active participation in our local schools. Attending the school functions is one of the most rewarding events for our members. Our presence instills patriotism and we are occasionally asked to speak to the students. National Security is a more passive activity through which we follow current world events, remind everyone to be watchful of our surroundings and report any suspicious activity. This program also encourages preparation for natural and man-made disasters. Children and Youth focuses on encouragement and recognition of school children who excel in both academics and civic duties making for a well rounded citizen. Our Post recognizes these through yearly ceremonies for Brotherhood Awards, High School Awards and an Oratorical Contest. Veterans Affairs and the physical and emotional Rehabilitation of our fellow veterans is one of the most important and passionate goals of our Post. It is a year round endeavor through which we visit fellow veterans in VA Hospitals and Homes, collect comfort items for their use, and raise funds to benefit these activities. I must mention here that the national organization actively monitors legislation, represents and lobbies on behalf of all veterans and that is why I constantly remind our members to support our fund raising. The last pillar of the American Legion and by no means less important, is service to our community at large. Post 1033 members actively participate in local events, recognitions and civic organizations not related to veterans. In addition the Post makes its facilities available for such meetings and events as long as they do not conflict with our scheduled activities.

In conclusion we are your brothers, sisters, sons and neighbors doing all we can for our community, state and nation. We do this to preserve the values which have made our country a world leader in justice, freedom and democracy.

M.A. Rodriguez

Past Commander / Past Nassau County 2nd Division Commander

The American Legion National College, Class of 2003.